AMPS boosts the PV-energy production per m² more than 60%

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Our patented Double Layer Installation

The core of our technology is to maximize the utilization of sunlight, for m² of exposed surface area. It is based on the concept of a "double layer" photovoltaic installation, in which: a special single-axis solar tracker, made for non-interspaced rotating and bifacial PV-strings, implements a new "parallel" solar tracking logic. It constitutes the top layer of the installation and has the primary task of intercepting incident sunlight to partially convert it into electricity; at the same time, it controls the percentage of the incident sunlight to be allowed to pass through, depending on specific applications and needs. One or more photovoltaic strings, rotating or even fixed, bifacial or even monofacial, are installed exactly below the top layer. The task of the bottom layer is to finalize the overall utilization of the incident sunlight that reaches it from the upper layer. In order to solve the well-known problems of poor reliability and availability of conventional solar trackers, because of the action of adverse atmospheric agents, all components are redesigned, with respect to the conventional ones, so that they can be installed fully inside a protective transparent cover. Thanks to different easy to realize configurations, the double layer photovoltaic solution can be profitably used in a variety of contexts and for different purposes.


AMPS has already realized its first multifunctional and test prototype. It has already been subjected to an on field campaign of experimental tests and measurements. These first and very interesting results were published, on August 2023, in an esteemed international journal. Previous research and experiments have been devoted to the use of commercial batteries distributed on board of conventional PV-modules, for coping with harmful partial shading phenomena. Also this experimental study was already published, on June 2022, in the same international journal. Our current basic ideas are fully protected, and explored in all their operational potentialities, by a recent pending application patent (submitted on June 2023) and by the Italian patent n. 0001430077, already issued on October 2018.

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In October 2023, we received a note of merit from the Editor for the paper "A Building-Integrated Bifacial and Transparent PV Generator Operated by an "Under-Glass" Single Axis Solar Tracker" which, after evaluation by experts in the field, acknowledged to the said publication the certification of "Feature Paper" which, according to their own declarative, has the value of certifying the practical relevance of its contents:

"Feature papers represent the most advanced research with significant potential for high impact in the field. A Feature Paper should be a substantial original Article that involves several techniques or approaches, provides an outlook for future research directions and describes possible research applications."

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Patents and papers

  • Pending Application Patent N. 102023000011895, submitted on June 09, 2023. View
  • Positive Research Report for Application Patent N. 102023000011895, December 2023. View
  • Italian patent n. 0001430077, issued by the Italian Ministry of the “Sviluppo Economico” on October 02, 2018. View
  • Building-Integrated Bifacial and Transparent PV-Generator Operated by an “Under-Glass” Single Axis Solar Tracker. View
  • Experimenting with a Battery-Based Mitigation Technique for Coping with Predictable Partial Shading. View
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