We bring out the best from each sunray

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PV-solutions for Greenhouses

An amazing feature of the double-layer system is its ability to control and modulate the amount of light that passes into the environment below the installation, achieving at the same time a conspicuous electricity production. This intelligent way to catch and exploit the incident sunlight results as the perfect PV-solution for greenhouses. Regulating the amount of incident sunlight passing through the PV-installation, it is possible to profitably create the optimal microclimate for crops and to preserve them from adverse microclimatic ambient parameters (e.g. temperature and humidity), by achieving at the same time fruitful electricity production.

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Super PV-module

The double layer concept is scalable from open-field installations to standard PV-module sizes and geometries. Our proposed Super PV-module is ideal for maximizing power generation in homes and other general buildings, for m² of available surface area. Thanks to the protection of all the components within its transparent enclosure, all the benefits of the solar tracking can be catched without worrying about aggression of adverse atmospheric agents and, therefore, with significantly higher reliability over time. The innovative tracking system and its control logic allow both layers to work at their best, taking full advantage of the bifacial technology. Compared with any other commercial solution, the Super PV-module allows an increased generation of more than +40% per m² of available surface area.

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Buildings integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPVs) are increasing in popularity and they are the best way to achieve the widely desired near zero energy buildings (NZEBs). Our double layer installation is well suitable also for being fully integrated in a variety of buildings, mainly in the form of intelligent PV-skylight for building rooftops. To reduce installation costs, with a minor loss of its functionality, only the top layer of the installation is utilized for still obtaining a fully adjustable combination of natural lighting/shadowing of the interiors and electricity generation.

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