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How AMPS was born

The technology behind AMPS stems from scientific studies conducted by Rosario Carbone as a researcher/professor of Electrical Power Systems at the University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria. The outcomes of these studies materialized in 2018 with the acquisition of a patent for an industrial invention, owned by the "Mediterranea" University, with Rosario as the sole inventor. Further studies and, above all, the fruitful collaborations that subsequently arose with Cosimo Borrello (graduate of the "Mediterranea" and Rosario's thesis student) led to new ideas and the development of prototypes tested in an operational environment (TRL 4/5), which led to a new patent application filed in June 2023. In July of that year, the studies and experimental tests conducted on these prototypes were presented and subsequently published in an international scientific journal ("Energies” by MDPI). In October 2023, the publishing organization decided to award the publication by the "Feature Paper". At the same time, Ferdinando Gioia, having completed his studies in Energy Engineering and attracted by the joint studies of Rosario and Cosimo, decides to take the path of applied scientific research; thus, he participates and wins a competition for admission to the national doctoral program in "photovoltaics," with a focus on "solar intermittency and storage." It is from the fusion of the knowledge and interests of Rosario, Cosimo and Ferdinando that the possibility of transforming the results of their joint studies into an entrepreneurial idea was born, together with AMPS, an academic startup of the "Mediterranea" University of Reggio Calabria. Rosario, Cosimo and Ferdinando are the three founders and each holds 33,3% of AMPS.

Patents and papers

  • Pending Application Patent N. 102023000011895, submitted on June 09, 2023. View
  • Positive Research Report for Application Patent N. 102023000011895, December 2023. View
  • Italian patent n. 0001430077, issued by the Italian Ministry of the “Sviluppo Economico” on October 02, 2018. View
  • Building-Integrated Bifacial and Transparent PV-Generator Operated by an “Under-Glass” Single Axis Solar Tracker. View
  • Experimenting with a Battery-Based Mitigation Technique for Coping with Predictable Partial Shading. View
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